5 February 2017

Why are youth vital to ending FGM?

Guest blog by Noa Marson.

It is difficult as a young person to understand one’s role in the fight against FGM. I don’t blame you; in the western world it can seem to be such a distant issue, and wherever you are in the world, it can feel like a helpless cause. FGM has been occurring for thousands of years and is engrained in worldwide cultures, so what is the point in young people standing up against tradition? Well, I hold the belief that young people have the power to make the change that adults don’t. 

Wherever you are in the world, FGM is likely to be occurring. It is a worldwide issue that spans cultures and religions. My belief is that to end FGM and other global issues, we must start with education. Educating everyone about what FGM is, then what we can do to stop it. 

Young people are the next generation, the people who have the ability to shape the future. The youth of the world is generally open-minded, optimistic and we all share a common goal regardless of our background: a better future.

The youth of the world can learn, we can educate those older than us, we can persuade and we have the desire to fight for what we believe in. This optimism and passion for a better world is key to ending FGM. Everyday girls are dying from FGM, and millions of women and girls worldwide suffer the consequences of FGM in their daily lives. It is the responsibility of the youth to stop anymore girls from suffering. As young people ourselves we understand the importance of childhood, of a future full of opportunity, and must ensure that everyone can experience this.