25 November 2017

The Pokot in East-Uganda and traditional harmful practices

Guest Blog by Dorian Cosijnse. Uganda is one of the 28+ countries where Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is practised. The estimated prevalence lingers around 1.4% amongst women in the age of 15 till 49. Although this national figure is relatively low, prevalence amongst the Pokot tribe in the Eastern part of the country is near-universal (95%) ¹. This guest blog is written in Amudat, a district in the Karamoja region, and aims to give an insight in the harmful cultural practice of FGM amongst this unique tribe in East-Uganda.

16 July 2013

FGM in Uganda

Blog by Johanna Waritay, 28 Too Many Research Coordinator. A blog by Johanna Waritay about our new country profile on FGM in Uganda. Although the overall rate of FGM is low in Uganda the practice is still deeply entrenched in some areas and there are still many challenges to overcome before FGM is eradicated in Uganda.

12 July 2013

Press release: New research on FGM in Uganda

A new report on FGM in Uganda by 28 Too Many published on Monday 15th July finds that Uganda has a low rate of FGM compared to many African countries but faces a tough battle to eradicate the practice.

16 October 2012

Celebrating anti-FGM progress in rural Uganda.

Blog by Kelly Denise, Uganda In-Country Researcher. When Ann-Marie first started looking at getting involved in anti-FGM work in 2005, she bought a book edited by Comfort Momoh ‘Female Genital Mutilation’.  There it stated FGM inUganda at 5% (1995/6).  We are pleased to report in 2012, it has fallen to 1% (UNFPA).

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