30 June 2023

New Report Highlights Persistent High Rates of Female Genital Mutilation in Ethiopia and Urgent Need for Targeted Interventions

Blog by Savannah Grantham for the FGM/C Research Initiative

A recent report by Orchid Project provides a clear picture of how common female genital mutilation/cutting (‘FGM/C’) is in Ethiopia. 65.2% of Ethiopian women between the ages of 15 and 49 have undergone the practice. Data from the Demographic and Health Surveys emphasise the need for focused efforts to challenge this deeply embedded practice.

13 May 2014

Inspiring a generation to end FGM

Guest blog by 28 Too Many volunteer Vivien Cohen. A blog on some of the women who inspire our work to end FGM and are making a difference to millions of women and girls worldwide.

31 October 2013

Press Release: Female genital mutilation numbers down in Ethiopia

23.8 million women in Ethiopia have had female genital mutilation (FGM) which makes it the second most affected country in Africa for FGM. However despite the fact that FGM is widespread and is practised in the majority of regions and ethnics groups, research by 28 Too Many finds that attitudes are changing in Ethiopia and progress is being made to reduce and eventually eradicate this harmful practice.

25 March 2011

Can FGM change in a generation?

How do you answer these questions: Can FGM end in a generation – after 1000 years of embedded practice? What does it take to campaign for 10 years to change a traditional practice? Can lessons in Ethiopia be transferred elsewhere? 

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