10 March 2021

Somalia and Somaliland Confront Female Genital Mutilation: Orchid Project's Eye-opening Country Profile Update

Blog by Savannah Grantham for the FGM/C Research Initiative

Orchid Project’s recently published Country Profile Update on female genital mutilation/cutting (‘FGM/C’) in Somalia and Somaliland emphasises how serious a problem the practice of FGM/C is in the region. Its thorough analyses provide information on the frequency, patterns and drivers of FGM/C, as well as current initiatives to stop this harmful traditional practice.

5 February 2020

International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM 2020

Guest Blog by Maryam Sheikh for International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM 2020

I am a survivor of FGM, cut at the age of 6 and the worst form of FGM (type 3). As a Somali girl, I grew up knowing every Muslim girl is cut and that my community did ‘a bad type’ because of our culture.

7 March 2019

Youth movement to end FGM in Somaliland

Guest Blog by ZamZam Jama, Youth Anti FGM Somaliland

FGM/C is a traditional practice in which part of or the entire external female genitalia is removed. Some communities refer to it as female circumcision (FC). The severe effects of FGM/FGC on the health of girls and women have been widely documented. FGM/FGC results in complications at birth for both mother and child, sometimes leading to death. The practice has strong repercussions on the health of women and on the social, political and economic fabric at individual and community levels.

5 June 2018

Curbing the Cut: The Somaliland Dilemma

Guest Blog from Richard A. Powell, Mohamed Yussuf, and Bettina Shell-Duncan, Population Council “Evidence to End FGM/C” For decades female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) has been debated in dozens of countries around the world. But it is in Somaliland, in the Horn of Africa, where a recent fatwa, or religious edict, has rekindled a passionate debate of ‘zero tolerance’ versus ‘acceptable harm minimization’

7 March 2018

Early Marriages and FGM Accelerating Maternal Death in Mandera County, Kenya.

Guest Blog by Abdullahi Mohamed Abdinur, Health and Hunger Aid. Health and Hunger Aid (HhAid) is a non-governmental organization, free from political, clans, religion and ethnic divisions, works with thousands of youth in urban and rural areas throughout Northern Kenya. HhAid strives to create a future where communities are able to facilitate their own development. HhAid works in program areas of Sexual and Reproductive and right, Food security, Water and Sanitation as well as HIV/AIDS awareness/mitigation.

13 May 2014

Inspiring a generation to end FGM

Guest blog by 28 Too Many volunteer Vivien Cohen. A blog on some of the women who inspire our work to end FGM and are making a difference to millions of women and girls worldwide.

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