13 August 2013

Update on UK Govt's Statement Opposing FGM

28 Too Many was pleased to support Baroness Cox in tabling a written question in the House of Lords on the Home Office’s pilot leaflet scheme for the “statement Opposing Female Genital Mutilation”. Lord Taylor of Holbeach replied on behalf of the Government that 22,854 leaflets have been distributed since October 2012 to voluntary and community organisations as well as to police services, health centres and Local Authorities. He also advised that the statement has so far been produced in English and 10 other languages.

A full evaluation the impact and success of the leaflet will take place after the pilot ends in November 2013 and we look forward to hearing about this from the Home Office.

The leaflet can be downloaded here and is pocket-sized document which states the law and the potential criminal penalties that can be used against those allowing FGM to happen.

A similar scheme operates in Holland where it is primarily used by families who have migrated to Holland and do not want their children to be subjected to FGM. It is also used by young girls who can carry the document with them when they are abroad with their family.