6 February 2015

Batting FGM out of Kenya

As they mark the International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutiliation (FGM) on 6th February three diverse organisations are preparing a new initiative to address FGM. A collaboration between the Maasai Cricket Warriors, Cricket Without Boundaries (CWB) and 28 Too Many will use cricket to raise awareness of the harm of FGM in the Maasai in Kenya where the practice remains prevalent and as many as three out of every four girls are at risk.

CWB and the Warriors have been working together for several years and wanting to do more to tackle FGM, they have joined forces with 28 Too Many to develop an innovative new programme which uses cricket as the vehicle to work with local communities, empower young people and deliver important health and anti-FGM education. A combined team from the Warriors, CWB and 28 Too Many will be travelling to Laikipia on the 15th February and will spend a week coaching young people as well as working with teachers, midwives and health workers so they can support the young people and help break the cycle of FGM.

“Ambassadors and champions for change within a community help to change attitudes and bring about lasting change to end FGM. It is inspiring that the Warriors want to use their growing reputation as a cricket team to tackle FGM and other social issues in the Maasai. I am very pleased that 28 Too Many can share our knowledge of FGM and work with CWB on this exciting new project which supports the Warrior’s campaign,” said Dr Ann-Marie Wilson, Founder and Executive Director of 28 Too Many who will be joining the volunteer team in Laikipia.

Sharing his enthusiasm for the project, Founder Trustee of CWB Ed Williams said, “CWB has been built on our passionate belief in the power of cricket as a tool for social development. Over the last 10 years we have used cricket to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS, bring communities together, empower women and rehabilitate child soldiers. The fight against FGM is a hugely important cause and a natural extension of our work. We are delighted to be working in partnership with 28 Too Many on our first FGM focused trip and with their expertise we believe we can make a real difference in Kenya."