Regional Prevalence

FGM/C is practised by more than 90% of the Muslim population in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Other reports suggest that FGM/C is practised in South Thailand, Singapore and Brunei, as well as in Sri Lanka among the Malay community.  FGM/C is also believed to be prevalent in some areas of Afghanistan, Pakistan, The Philippines and The Maldives.  Recent research by Sahiyo shows that a form of FGM/C, Khatna, is commonplace in the Bohra Community in India.  In Australia and New Zealand, FGM/C is prevalent among some diaspora communities.  

Regional Prevalence

Highest Prevalence

Research suggests that over 90% of the Malay ethnic community practice FGM/C, one of the highest prevalence rates in the world.

Most Impacted

UNICEF estimate that 70 million women and girls have been impacted by FGM/C in Indonesia, which represents 35% of the global burden (200 million women and girls).

No Legislation

No Asian countries have laws explicitly banning the practice, effectively making female genital mutilation and cutting legal across the region.

Lack of Data

The Maldives is the only Asian country to include FGM/C in their demographic household surveys resulting in a lack of reliable data across the region.