Lead Author: LONGHURST, Georga
Published by: Clinical Anatomy
Year published: 2023

An understanding of ranges in clitoral anatomy is important for clinicians caring for patients including those who have had female genital mutilation, women seeking genital cosmetic surgery, or trans women seeking reconstructive surgery. The aim of this meta-analysis is to investigate the ranges in clitoral measurements within the literature. A meta-analysis was performed on Ovid Medline and Embase databases following the PRISMA protocol. Measurements of clitoral structures from magnetic imaging resonance, ultrasound, cadaveric, and living women were extracted and analyzed. Twenty-one studies met the inclusion criteria. The range in addition to the average length and width of the glans (6.40 mm; 5.14 mm), body (25.46 mm; 9.00 mm), crura (52.41 mm; 8.71 mm), bulb (52.00 mm; 10.33 mm), and prepuce (23.19 mm) was calculated. Furthermore, the range and average distance from the clitoris to the external urethral meatus (22.27 mm), vagina (43.14 mm), and anus (76.30 mm) was documented. All erectile and non-erectile structures of the clitoris present with substantial range. It is imperative to expand the literature on clitoral measurements and disseminate the new results to healthcare professionals and the public to reduce the sense of inadequacy and the chances of iatrogenic damage during surgery.