16 May 2016

New Research on Female Genital Mutilation

Over the past six months and despite undertaking demanding academic studies, a dedicated group of undergraduates at Oxford University formed a research panel and have undertaken extra work to study female genital mutilation (FGM). In this unique collaboration between the Oxford University branch of Lawyers Without Borders and 28 Too Many, students volunteered to join this project to educate themselves and others on the harm of FGM and how we can help end this practice.

Each student researched a different aspect of the practice and has summarised their work in a research blog which we will be publishing on the 28 Too Many blog over the coming weeks. In addition they organised a special educational event on how young people are helping in the fight against FGM which took place at Regents Park College during the 2016 Oxford International Women’s Festival.

We congratulate all the students who participated in this project and thank them for their contribution to the campaign to end FGM.

2015/16 Panel Members:

  • Lily Johnson
  • Serene Chung
  • Louise Ferdjani
  • Megan Parks
  • Ayako Fujihara
  • Chen Chen