30 October 2013

"Look Again" exhibition highlights worldwide violence against women

Blog by 28 Too Many research volunteer Lisa Glass.

The launch of the ‘Look Again’ photo exhibition took place on Thursday 24 October at the Salvation Army’s International Headquarters in London. The exhibition was organised by Restored, an international Christian alliance working to transform relationships and end violence against women. 28 Too Many Executive Director, Ann-Marie Wilson and research volunteers, Lisa and Ruth, were all delighted to attend the launch and shares ideas and stories with others campaigning to end violence against women and girls. 

The exhibition featured images from Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia, and included a contribution from 28 Too Many’s Johanna Waritay. Jo’s thought-provoking image depicts a cutting kit, which she took in Tanzania.

‘Look Again’ encourages us to think more deeply about the images presented, the people they show, the stories they represent and our response. Particularly evocative images included the a photo submitted by Adrian Cot of CARE, which features the image of a woman enslaved in sexual exploitation merged with that of a viewer of pornography or visitor to a brothel. The image, which was announced as a runner-up, is part of a series of images exhibited in the European Parliament which aimed to encourage viewers to draw links between the ‘supply’ and ‘demand’ aspects of human trafficking.

The other runner up, Amy Stevens of Love the One, submitted images depicting two girls in India who had suffered horrific abuse and were now receiving the medical attention they needed alongside the much required love and care by Love the One.

Alongside the photos at the exhibition are different ways to engage. A reflective mirror on a post encourages viewers to 'take a good look at ourselves'. The simple floor graphics of a belt and broken cup show how everyday items can be used to abuse and be the result of abuse. Information cubes sit around the exhibition inviting us to look again from a different angle and perspective.

 Following some thought-provoking musical and poetry performances, the winner of the photo competition was announced as Gareth Barton for Flame International. 

Gareth's photo captures the calm poise of Sarah, a young woman in South Sudan who was captured by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) with 14 others and selected to be the wife of the captain. However, she was released when the LRA Commanders released she was pregnant. But that was not before she had witnessed the brutal murder of the others who were abducted with her, including her mother-in-law.  Gareth gave an emotional acceptance speech, explaining the story behind it and adding, 'I hate this. I hate this stuff (violence against women)...I want to see it ended.'  

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